Puppy/Litter Health Information

✔️ We fecal test the dam for worms prior to whelp & we fecal test our litters. We worm/deworm our dogs naturally with fermented raw pumpkin seeds & herbal protocols. Our dogs have never had worms/parasites.

✔️ We do not vaccinate our puppies for ‘recommended & optional’ vaccines. We are open to a discussion about core vaccines for distemper, parvo and adenovirus depending on the situation.

✔️ Puppies will go home with a health guarantee at 8-9 weeks old. We do not allow our puppies to go home before this age. Puppies are health checked and certified by our veterinarian team who comes to us so we don’t need to take the pup to a vet clinic or hospital setting.

✔️ Puppies are handled from birth & they experience daily household noises plus lots of laughter. We begin crate training prior to them leaving our care.