Puppy/Litter Health Information

✔️ Puppies will go home with a health guarantee at a full 8 weeks old. We do not allow our puppies to go home before this age.

✔️ We fecal test the dam for worms prior to whelp & we fecal test our litters at 3 days old. The puppies are dewormed (just in case) prior to going home.

✔️ Puppies receive their core vaccinations of distemper, parvo and adenovirus at the beginning of their 8th week of life. We do not vaccinate our puppies for ‘recommended & optional’ vaccines. We vaccinate for the core vaccines that are crucial for the safety + health of the pup. 

✔️ Puppies are health checked and certified by our veterinarian team prior to going home. 

✔️ Puppies are handled from birth & they experience daily household noises plus lots of laughter. We begin crate training prior to them leaving our care.