Our Labrador Retrievers

Our Labs are well loved and part of our family

Turning Leaf Labs benefit from year round sunshine, romps, and fresh air! They train daily and chase, play hide & seek, run, leap, and snooze until their hearts are content. Our California Labradors are raised by our family with patience, kindness, giggles, direction, and love.

Because our Labs are family, they do live indoors with us but they spend a good while everyday playing and lounging in the gorgeous sunshine!

Puppies are snuggled, played with, & trained by our family so they’re exposed to both adult & kiddo size humans. Our kids hands on help with the puppies & this not only benefits them in learning life skills but it benefits the puppies too. It helps get the pups used to taking commands & being exposed to the different energy that comes from kids than adults. It also teaches the puppies early on that kiddos are above them on the hierarchy of the obey chart. Plus puppies & kids bond differently and that helps set the foundation for a great family dog.

We take steps needed to make sure our Labs are of optimal health + living their best life

We responsibly genetic health test our dogs, we have their skeletal frames examined, & their eyes OFA certified. We breed Labs to be healthy & intelligent companions. They are perfect for family pets, hunting dogs, and therapy or service dogs.

Turning Leaf Labs are fed a canine appropriate raw diet & our puppies are weaned to raw. We work with our puppy families to educate them about the benefits of a raw diet.

FAQ: We do not require our puppy families feed a raw diet but we whole-heartedly encourage it. We help families select another diet if raw isn’t for them.

Raw Feeding for Dogs