Organic Coconut Milk + Blueberry Bones

Organic Coconut Milk + Blueberry Bones are yummy for both Labs and humans. They’re a refreshing and fun treat that’s easy to make and healthy too. Because it’s pretty warm all year round where we live, our California Labradors get to enjoy this treat pretty often!

Frozen Dog Treats

Be sure you get organic coconut milk. You want it as clean as you can get it. Same thing with the blueberries. Grab organic berries. I still often give my fruit a quick natural wash with apple cider vinegar and water to get rid of any residue. I buy coconut milk from Sprouts or Organic Roots. I get the blueberries from a local blueberry farm down the street but if I’m in a hurry or it’s off-season then I also get them at those same two stores I said I get the milk from. You can get the molds from Amazon and they are both freezer and oven friendly!

Organic Coconut Milk + Blueberry Bones | Frozen Dog TreatsOrganic Coconut Milk + Blueberry Bones Recipe 

1 cup of organic coconut milk

1/4 cup of organic blueberries

Blend just enough to break the blueberries into pieces and then pour into the mold

Freeze 2 hours

*Can be stored in an airtight container in the freezer for 10 days


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