Master Sergeant Mason of Turning Leaf

Mason is a highly intelligent Labrador with an obedient attitude. His gait is confident and he has a beautiful blocky head with a gorgeous chest & physique. MSgt Mason is our California silver Lab & in certain lights or when he’s wet, he shows a shiny chocolate tint. He tracks intently and retrieves quickly. This boy LOVES to play soccer. If Mason sees a soccer ball it’s game on. He runs fast & loves to snuggle!

Mason is most definitely a Mamma’s boy. He climbs in my lap every morning before dawn and snoozes while I have coffee. All 85 lbs of him!

Mason is genetic health tested and certified on both the Essential and Supplemental Genetic Panels by Paw Print Genetics. We run every genetic health test available for our breed. See our health guarantee for full details.

He is coat color test certified by Paw Print Genetics as EEbbdd. His eyes have been OFA certified and his preliminary skeletal results are good.

You can follow him on Instagram @turningleaflabs