Holistic Tea for Dogs *Inspired by the Starbucks Medicine Ball

holistic tea for dogs | holistic dog careIf you’ve not soothed your throat/chest/nose/soul with a medicine ball from Starbucks then you haven’t properly pampered a cold-like illness!

Dogs deserve the same kind of soothing when they’re not feeling their best. The other week when our guy was suffering from an injured throat I decided to make him his own dog-friendly version of a Starbucks’ Medicine Ball. This tea falls within what we call holistic dog care. Its made from ingredients known to help the body heal in sore throat/cough/cold like situations. I use natural ingredients I know to be antibacterial, antimicrobial, and acidic. Each of the ingredients is a holistic healer of its own and when combined to make this tea; they become a powerhouse holistic treatment.

A Sore Throat, Dog-Style

This throat injury was caused by his own doing, mind you. He is a big boy for seven months. All 75 lbs of him got over-excited at the groomers and he tried to go under the open vehicle door. This meant pulling me through it. Therefore I face planted into the open door and he choked himself terribly as he was at running speed when this occurred. Goodness, goodness, it was not awesome. #ithurt

Anyway, his throat hurt and he developed a cough from it. The poor guy didn’t say a word for the rest of the day and he coughed and coughed. His cough was bad overnight and come morning he just looked like he didn’t feel well. (See photo above to view Mason in his misery. Poor baby.)

Kennel Cough Treatment

Something else this can help treat and sooth is a kennel cough. Whether you vaccinate or not, kennel cough is still highly likely if your dog is exposed to a dog who has it. Your furbaby can also get it from being in an un-sanitized space after an infected dog has been in the same space previously. *Tip: Ask your groomer if they run on schedule and to call you before finishing so your dog isn’t sitting in a kennel.

What’s In the Tea And Why

Raw honey, peppermint, and lemon each offer their own unique healing property. Raw honey is a natural antibacterial and when the honey is local it’s also a natural anti-allergen. Peppermint is an antimicrobial, and lemon is acidic. One, two, three, BAM!

*On this particular day I did not have any raw honey in the house and no time to run and get any so I used liquid.

Holistic Tea for Dogs Recipe

1 cup of boiled water 

1 tbsp of raw, local and organic wildflower honey (local raw honey is best but local liquid honey works too!) *local is preferred for its anti-allergen effects but it’s not vital in this recipe. Manuka is also a popular honey.

1 drop of peppermint extract (literally 1 tiny drop)

1/4 tsp of fresh lemon

Let the tea cool to warm

Serve in unbreakable glass dish every four hours until symptoms fade. After that time, cut back to serving twice a day until symptoms are gone. This regiment will soothe your dog’s symptoms and help in healing. 

*How much you serve each time depends on your dog’s size. We raise Labradors so the measurements above are for one serving. 

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