Healthy Feeding for Dogs

We believe in feeding our kids the most healthful foods we can, so we feed our Labs the same way! 

Healthy feeding for dogs is important for many reasons. The better you feed your dog, the longer your dog may thrive. The fewer Vet bills you will incur, and the better quality of life your beloved Lab will have.

I get grossed out reading kibble labels off the store shelves. The ingredients are loaded with unidentified items, preservatives, chemicals, and just nastiness. I can’t imagine feeding any of it. Glyphosate, Cancer Tissue from ill animals being used as ingredient (think sickly lamb, cow, chicken, etc), Fluoride, Gluten, and even grains. I have personally found hair/string/something in kibble on more than one occasion (pics to prove it too). It’s just gross!

Healthy Feeding for Dogs

Our dogs’ feeding routine provides human-grade nutrition covering what domesticated dogs need. We also give whole food supplements for added support to their bodies and brains. We feed raw meats, wild-fish, raw meaty bones & other real foods like veggies & sometimes fruits. Veggie paws & bone broth never lasts too long at our house! Raw duck feet are a calcium/collagen loaded and beloved part of almost all meals.

There’s a lot of organic and holistic-minded dog treat recipes on our website.

If a meal doesn’t include an oily fish then we give a salmon oil as a supplement. We do prefer to get Omega in via fresh fish but salmon oil is an excellent supplement. Raw goat’s milk is given to our Labs to help with digestion & we give kefir too. Chia Powder is another great supplement. We grind seeds into powder for absorption. The seeds don’t really digest well. Hemp Hearts or Hemp Heart Powder, Green Lipped Mussels… Lots of goodness in the kitchen for these California silver Labs!

A tablespoon of kefir or plain pure pumpkin every once in a while will get you a smile every time, we promise!

Take care,

Amy | Turning Leaf Labradors ????

healthy feeding for dogs