About Us

Hullo! We’re Dave & Amy Granillo, we live in southern California wine country. Dave is a Master Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I’m Amy, I create brands for business owners + teach them how to expand their companies. I opened my brand studio in 2010 & it’s a favorite place for the dogs to lounge!

We own + operate a unique biz that is dedicated to the optimal health & wellness of dogs in Southern California. Our company, SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is a raw diet formulating company + custom raw shop. We serve thousand of dogs & love every minute of it.

Through hard work & dedication we teach our children it eventually means owning your own time! We are a healthy family with a Mamma who knows clean-eating, fun in the sunshine, and holistic living is the best way to raise kids and Labs.

I fell in love with the silver American/Field Lab at first sight when I was seven years old. What a gorgeous and majestic looking dog! When it was time to get our own, we looked at the pedigrees and award-winning hunting lines of known silver Labradors and dilute factored Labradors and we knew that was the look & smartly athletic combination we wanted for our male. We chose a chocolate, blocky English/Bench style Lab for our female. Our female has a calm and loving personality. We waited over a year for her parents to be paired because we wanted one of their offspring that much. She is the embodiment of the perfect Lab coat & otter tail. She is exquisite.  

Growing up, our children have helped raise our dogs right along with us. They love, feed, water, train, play, exercise with, snuggle, scold, and wash dogs just like we do. The life skills and memories our kids collect through this experience with raising our Labs is invaluable. They are animal loving and committed people.

Both Dave & I have completed the certified breeder education with the AKC Canine College. We feel it’s important to be educated and knowledgeable about the best and most healthful way to breed Labradors.

We handle our own dogs at working dog trainings and certification testings and we also hands on prepare our pups for our military families program.

I am certified in canine nutrition and raw diet formulation as well as human nutrition. While I do keep my human nutrition credentials current; I don’t actively practice in the public these days, I’m dedicated to serving our Labs & the rest of the SoCal raw fed dogs.

We are proud to share that our breeding program is nationally recognized for the natural ways we rear our dogs and the holistic ways we raise them. We are also featured in the National Natural Rearing Breeder’s Directory.

Please take a look around and get to know us and our dogs some more! Use the menu to navigate.


The Granillo Family